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Diving profile campaign
Diving is a beautiful water sports, it is from a height in various postures Yueru water, or on take-off from the diving equipment, to complete certain moves in the air posture, and specific actions in water sports. Diving campaign includes practical diving, diving and competitive diving performance. Movement in the diving pool for diving. Athletes from the 1-meter diving, 3-meter springboard, or three meters, five meters 7.5 meters and 10-meter platform diving. Diving requires air campaign the feeling, coordination, flexibility, beauty, sense of balance and sense of time, such as quality.

Competitive diving is an individual from participating in the games. I athletes from diving springboard diving or vacated, athletes can directly into the water or in the air difficult to do all kinds of tricks of the gymnastics action to clean and agile and graceful posture into the water.

Diving to the origin and development of sports
Song before the emergence of a diving exercise, then called "water swing." Performances by the "swing" the body volley into the completion of the various movements in the air, directly into the water. It action thriller, beautiful gesture, similar to the tricks of modern diving. - Can the Tang Dynasty, "because it was recorded" record: Hongzhou (now Nanchang) Cao Chan in "Baizhang Qiang, puzzled and clothing to join, Zhengzuo surface of the water, if the seats in the Rainbow", or in the water "swing appeared, changes 1000-like. " This can be seen as China's early diving campaign.
Diving on the history of who had to jump beyond the standard for competition. Diving is a long history of the sport. Swimming in the grasp of the human skills, began with a simple diving activities. As early as the 5th century BC, ancient Greek vases are painted on a group of cute little boy is made Tou Chaoxia diving with the logo. China's Song dynasty has called "swing water," a simple diving equipment.

Modern diving competition began in the early 20th century. 1900, the Swedish athletes in the first two Olympic Games, delivered a brilliant diving performances, it is generally accepted in the first modern competitive diving. 1904 third Olympics, was listed as the official man diving events. 1908 formally established the diving competition rules. No. 5 to 1912 Olympic Games, an increase of women's sports.

Modern competitive diving is a sport with the other Europe and the United States in the early 20th century came to China. Since 1979, China in a series of major players in the game made outstanding achievements, China, the United States, Russia, Germany, Canada has been recognized as the world diving power.